Out of love for Christ and his church, and in submission to the leadership of ECC, we are asking those who join us to please continue to do your part in helping us carry out the following guidance. Our goal is to worship together safely, reasonably, and charitably. For the purposes of this gathering, we ask that you set your personal and political preferences aside and lay down your rights for the sake of others.

  • Our lower auditorium will serve as an overflow room in the event that we reach maximum occupancy.
  • Offerings will be collected using stationary boxes mounted on either side of our media booth in the back of the sanctuary.
  • We ask that you wear a mask while not seated and social distance when possible.
  • The elements for the Lord’s Supper will be available upon entrance for all those participating. Remember, the Lord’s Supper is reserved for baptized Christians who belong to a gospel-preaching local church.
  • Children will not be dismissed from the worship service but will remain with their parents/guardians. Parents who are not used to having their children in the worship service must prepare for this.
  • Both our changing room and upstairs nursing moms room will be available for parents to use. We ask that social distancing guidelines still be followed in these smaller spaces.