Responding to the Word of Grace (Acts 13:42-52)

Acts Sermon Series at Elmira Christian Center

What is grace? Simply put, grace is unmerited favor, and the grace of God is his love for the undeserving. And Scripture is clear that all things—from our election in Christ before the world began to our enjoyment of eternal life—is all to the praise God’s glorious grace. In Acts 13:48-51, Paul concluded his message of salvation with a promise of justification for all who trust Christ but also with a warning of judgment for all who reject him. Now, Luke describes the response to the word of grace. In this sermon, Pastor Matt teaches that while we are the ones responsible for rejecting the word of grace and eternal life, God is always the one responsible for our saving faith. This is so that all wisdom, power, and praise, glory, honor, and strength may be to the Triune God of sovereign grace.