God has given music to the gathered church so that together the congregation may own, affirm, rejoice in, and unite around the glorious truths of God’s Word. Therefore, we strive to select songs that artfully exult Christ with deeply meaningful lyrics and melodies we can’t wait to sing. They are a blend of both old and new: we love the doctrinally rich and timeless hymns from throughout the church’s history as well as many of the modern day gospel-centered songs and hymns.

While our style of music is contemporary, we prefer and promote congregational singing. This means we emphasize the gathered body of believers singing praise to God over performed music (1 Chron. 16:8-11; Ps. 33:3; Ps. 150; Col. 3:16). Some services may include a full band while others include simply a guitar or piano.

Here is a playlist of some of the songs that we sing during our Sunday worship services: