These statements, articles, and papers have been written by the pastors of ECC to give clarity on various issues relating to Scripture, culture, and church life that are not clearly expressed in our church’s Statement of Faith.

In addition to our Statement of Faith and Theological Distinctives, these statements and articles serve to bring further clarification to our church’s stance regarding various biblical, theological, and cultural issues. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but simply to address specific issues pertinent to our local ministry context.

Check out Current Issues page for more resources written by other pastors, churches, and biblical scholars that we have found helpful on contemporary issues facing the church today.

Church and Ministry
» Why We Still Use ‘Gospel-Centered’
» Let’s Talk About Labels
» The Local Church in Association
» Radical Generosity: Reflections on Giving

Worship Service
» Praying Written Prayers
» Keeping Children in the Worship Service
» Reciting the Creeds in Worship
» Why We Sing the Songs We Sing
» Celebrating the Lord’s Supper Weekly

Christian Life
» Social Media, Scripture, and the Local Church. A paper surveying the dysfunctions and (de)formative power of social media, and how the church must respond.
» Paul’s Aim in Ephesus: Preaching, not Politics.
» Our Christian Duty to the President.

Bible and Theology
» The Destruction of Jerusalem and the Vindication of the Son of Man. A paper arguing that the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in AD 70 is a theologically significant event in redemptive history that is foundational to New Testament eschatology.
» A Bride Prepared: Justification by Faith and Judgment According to Works. A paper exploring the relationship between our justification by faith and the future judgment of works.