Shepherding the Church of God, part 2 (Acts 20:28-38)

Acts Sermon Series at Elmira Christian Center

The church is described throughout Scripture with several images, such as the family of God, the body of Christ, and the temple of the Spirit. As Paul bids farewell to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20, he uses another familiar picture of the people of the triune God: we are his flock, “the sheep of his pasture” (Ps. 100:3). The reason Paul uses this image is because of who the elders of the church are and what they are called to do. In this sermon, Pastor Matt again shows that the church needs Christlike shepherds to faithfully minister the gospel of grace. We need servant leaders who exemplify the humility and love of Jesus; we need bold preachers of the Word and vigilant protectors of the flock; and in all these things, we need the good news of God’s grace in Christ.