A Sovereign God and a Surprising Shepherd (Isaiah 44:24–45:13)

Scripture shows us that God is not only good, wise, sovereign, but also surprsing. He does new things which are often unexpected and astonishing but full of wisdom far beyond what we could ever imagine. This new and surprising way of working is what God’s word of comfort to his people through Isaiah was all about. God was going to show his superiority to all idols by doing something new and totally unheard of up until that point: he would cause his exiled people to return from their exile. But the question was, how was God going to do it? What strategies would he use? In our text today, we will begin to see God’s surprising solution to Israel’s two major problems: captivity in exile and sinfulness.

In this sermon, pastor Mitch reminds us that those who trust the Lord can rejoice in his sovereign and surprising plan. For all of history and the complexities of our lives are under the sovereign command of the triune God and fit into his surprsing yet perfect plan.