Immanuel Is My Salvation (Isaiah 12)

Isaiah - sermon series at Elmira Christian Center

Isaiah 11 describes the hope of a renewed world and a redeemed people under a righteous King. There, we learned that this King is none other than the Lord Jesus, our Immanuel. Isaiah 12 concludes the first major section of Isaiah by describing the response of those who belong to this kingdom. This chapter is a psalm of salvation; it is the joyful song of the redeemed through the ages. God’s people sang on the shores of the Red Sea. The faithful remnant rejoiced when they returned from exile. One day, we will sing around the throne of God and the Lamb when Isaiah 11 is ultimately fulfilled. But this song of salvation can be heard even now. In this sermon, Pastor Matt teaches that the one who knows Immanuel as their salvation will respond with joyful praise and faithful witness.