Our God Does All He Pleases (Isaiah 10:5-34)

Isaiah - sermon series at Elmira Christian Center

From the very beginning of history, humanity has questioned God’s authority. We often find ourselves asking “Who’s running this show? If God is really in control, then why is this happening?” We then fall for all kinds of unbiblical answers to this question of who or what is in authority: Fate or destiny. Luck or chance. Karma or coincidence. Spiritual forces or vibes. Most-often, we believe and act as if we are in control. But if God is not sovereign over evil and suffering, then who or what is? How can we be sure that justice will be done, that evil won’t prevail, and that God will fulfill his promises? In this sermon, Pastor Matt teaches that our sovereign God is orchestrating all history for the good of his people and the glory of his name—a truth most beautifully seen at the cross.