Redeemed and Recommissioned, part 1 (Isaiah 42:18–43:7)

In Isaiah 42, we’ve heard how the servant of the Lord would bring justice and light to the nations so that God’s praise might fill the earth. But this wasn’t currently happening. And not only were all nations not singing praise to God, even his people Israel had failed to do this. So now, Isaiah focuses on Israel’s present condition for a couple chapters. He looks closer at the mess Israel had gotten herself into. And he does this to reveal not only their need but also what God intended to do for his chosen people and through them for the sake of the world.

In this sermon, pastor Matt shows us that God’s purpose in the redemption of his people is the praise of his name. For he not only opens our eyes to his glory and our ears to his gospel that we might repent and believe, but that we might be fearless witnesses of his grace in Christ.