Rejoice With Trembling (Isaiah 66:1-14)

Just as we find ourselves at the end of another year, we’ve also come to the end of the book of Isaiah. Yet what’s remarkable about this final chapter is that the book of Isaiah ends just like it began. After all Isaiah has said about the nations of the world, the exile of Israel, the servant of the Lord, and the glory of Zion—after everything, he concludes by saying what he did in chapter 1! Once more, Isaiah speaks to the people of God. He calls out their hypocrisy and rebellion, their worthless religion and bad theology. He reveals what lies in store for both the faithful and the unfaithful in Israel. But why? Because the issue was whether or not Israel would actually do what Isaiah (and all the prophets) had been calling them to do all along: “Hear the word of the Lord!” It’s the same question that is set before us all today: How will we respond to the word of the Lord?

In this sermon, pastor Matt helps reminds us that our response to God’s word determines whether we will know him in dread or joy. It is only those who tremble at his word in humble faith who experience the comfort of belonging to Zion and her King.