The God of All Comfort, part 3 (Isaiah 40:9-11)

So far, in Isaiah 40, we’ve been hearing the word of comfort God speaks to his defeated, faithless, and soon-to-be exiled people. In vv. 1-2, we found that God’s comfort was promised. In vv. 3-5, we learned that his comfort was coming, and in vv. 6-8 that it was guaranteed. Now, in vv. 9-11, we’ll finish our outline of these introductory verses as we see that God’s comfort is the gospel.

In this sermon, pastor Matt once again explains that the comfort from God that we need is found under the saving rule of Christ. And this comfort is the good news of beholding God in all his glory, most clearly seen in Jesus, the King who is both a mighty warrior and gentle shepherd.