The God of Unrivaled Glory (Isaiah 40:12-26)

In Isaiah 40 the prophet has been speaking of God’s promised comfort in vv. 1-11. God was not done with his people and he would not leave them in exile. He would forgive them, restore them, and even commission them to proclaim his good news of salvation! And to assure us of his power to save, Isaiah aims to help those in suffering, those with doubts, and those full of indifference—in other words, all of us— to “behold our God.” He uses the most vivid language to drive home the truth that the Holy One of Israel is the God of unrivaled glory

In this sermon, pastor Matt reminds us that our God is the incomparable Lord who is both willing and able to save. He is the God who has revealed himself to us in the glorious Christ, who longs for us to see him as he truly is, and who alone is worthy of all our trust and all our affection.