The Savior of the World (Isaiah 45:14-25)

We’ve been working through the second half of the book of Isaiah, where we find God’s word of comfort to his people who would one day be exiled in Babylon. In chapter 45 we saw God name Cyrus, King of Persia, as the one who would set them free and even help them rebuild Jerusalem (45:13). Now, in verses 14-25, the sovereign Lord reveals what his salvation would mean not just for Israel but for all nations, for all the ends of the earth—including us today. This passage looks beyond God’s redemption of his people back then to what he has in store for the entire world. In this sermon, pastor Matt shows that God invites all nations to enjoy his saving rule through faith in his Christ. Jesus is the only hope for our broken, idolatrous, and sinful world, and all those who turn to God in repentance and put their trust in his Son will be saved