The Servant of the Lord, part 1 (Isaiah 49:1-6)

In Isaiah 40-66, we find God’s word of comfort and promises of salvation to his soon-to-be exiled people. After promising to raise up Cyrus of Persia to liberate Israel from Babylonian exile (chs. 40-48), the focus changes in chapters 49-55 to Israel’s greater problem of captivity to sin and their stubborn unbelief (chs. 49-55). The mysterious “servant of the Lord,” who was introduced in Isaiah 42 as the one who would bring justice to the nations, open the eyes of the blind, and restore God’s people, now takes center stage. In this sermon, pastor Matt helps us see that Jesus Christ is the faithful servant and glorious salvation of the Lord, and only those who come to him in faith can belong to the true Israel of God and shine his light to the nations.