The Servant, Our Substitute, part 1 (Isaiah 52:13–53:6)

All along, Isaiah has told us that the Lord alone will be exalted. And his blessing would come to all nations through the witness of his redeemed people under the saving rule of his Messiah. We’ve heard of the child of Isaiah 9 who would sit on David’s throne forever and establish God’s kingdom of peace; the branch from Jesse’s family tree of Isaiah 11 who would judge the nations; and the king of Isaiah 32 who would reign in righteousness and be seen in his beauty. In other words, we’ve heard what God will do and why he will do it, but Isaiah hasn’t exactly told us how. How would the Lord Yahweh return to Zion to reign as King? Isaiah 52:1-12 begs this question; the fourth servant song is the answer, and it’s the very heart of the gospel.

In this sermon on the fourth servant song in Isaiah, pastor Matt reminds us that God reigns as King through the sacrifice and exaltation of Jesus. It is through the sufferings of his Christ, the sin-bearing death of his servant, that God’s glory is revealed, his people are redeemed, and his kingdom is established. And this is good news!