The Servant, Our Substitute, part 2 (Isaiah 53:4-12)

In many ways, every thread used in the tapestry of the OT is woven together in Isaiah 53: the promises of Genesis, the redemption of Exodus, the sacrifices of Leviticus, the wanderings of Numbers, the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy, the victories of Joshua, the deliverances of Judges, the dynasties of Samuel and Kings; the lament and joy of the Psalms; the hope of the Prophets. And why are they all found here? Because this passage explains how the Lord Yahweh would reign as King from Zion. This is how would God redeem a people for himself and extend his saving rule to all nations—through the sin-bearing death of his Servant, his Messiah.

In this sermon, pastor Matt continues his exposition of the fourth Servant Song in Isaiah 53, reminding us again that God reigns as King through the sacrifice and exaltation of Jesus. Because Christ the Righteous humbled himself unto death to justify the ungodly, God has exalted him as Savior of the world that all might belong to his kingdom-family by faith.