The Unchanging Purpose of the Lord (Isaiah 14:24-32)

Isaiah - sermon series at Elmira Christian Center

Isaiah declares that God will one day judge the world in righteousness and destroy evil forever, for he alone is the Lord of the nations. But how would Israel know that the Day of the Lord would really come to pass? Was Isaiah right? And what hope would they have on that day, when the Lord of hosts comes to judge the world? Could they really trust him—in his character, his promises, and his salvation? To highlight the truth and the certainty of the great Day of the Lord, Isaiah foretells the impending fate of two kingdoms that rivaled God’s kingdom: Assyria and Philistia. In this sermon, Pastor Matt teaches that the Lord will surely accomplish his unchanging purpose of salvation through judgment. Only those who trust in Jesus, the sure foundation of Zion, will find refuge.