Zion, Beloved and Hopeful (Isaiah 62)

So far, in Isaiah 60-62 we’ve been looking at the glory of Zion. These chapters are about the church, the place on earth where God’s saving rule is known. And it’s because of Christ that the church is a new-creation city of joy and righteousness. Now in one sense, these chapters describe the church as she will be in the age to come. But this future city is also a present-day reality. This means that all who come to King Jesus for refuge belong to this kingdom now by faith. We are the redeemed citizens of Zion, radiant and beautiful. We are the saints of Zion, liberated and fruitful. And, in Isaiah 62, we will see that we belong to Zion, beloved and hopeful.

In this sermon, pastor Matt helps us see that the church is God’s beloved city that lives in hope of future glory. Those who belong to Zion must never stop building and praying for God’s kingdom to come on earth as in heaven, until the whole world is full of the righteousness and praise of our King.