Zion, Liberated and Fruitful (Isaiah 61)

In chapter 60, we learned that Zion is ultimately the church, the city of God that shines amidst the cities of men. With the coming of Jesus, the light of God’s glory had broken through the darkness of our world. And all who come to King Jesus in faith become citizens of Zion now. Now, in chapter 61, we discover with more clarity just how the Lord Yahweh will bring these things to pass, how Zion is made not only radiant and beautiful but also liberated and fruitful.

In this sermon, pastor Matt shows us that the church is a new-creation city of joy and righteousness because of Christ. And all who belong to this city, who have been set free and brought under the saving rule of Zion’s King, receive his Spirit so that they might become agents of restoration in the world.