Zion, Radiant and Beautiful (Isaiah 60)

At the end of chapter 59 we read how the Lord Yahweh himself would come to save his people, securing both worldwide and eternal results. This promise was fulfilled when Jesus Christ came in the armor of God to redeem us from sin and establish a new covenant in his blood. What follows now in chapters 60-62 is central to this final section of Isaiah, because these chapters are all about “Zion”. Zion is not ultimately about the city that was rebuilt after exile. This is not about modern-day Jerusalem. Zion here refers to the church, and it’s a portrait of how the kingdom of this world becomes the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ.

In this sermon, as we begin to work through this section of Isaiah, pastor Matt shows us that the church is the city of God that shines amidst the cities of men. It is as we reflect the light of Christ in our dark world that nations will behold his glory and come to belong to his radiant and beautiful city