Kingdom Blessings, Worldly Woes (Luke 6:20-26)

What does it mean to be truly blessed? According to the kingdom of this world, the blessed are those who earn the most and have the best. They are the rich, those satisfied with the comforts of this life, and those who are accepted and praised by all. But according to Christ Jesus, the blessed are those who belong to the kingdom of God. The blessed are those who—although poor, hungry, mournful, and persecuted—have the fullness of joy that only comes from knowing God and being known by him. This is the gospel of the kingdom that Jesus came to proclaim (Luke 4:18-19, 43). In this sermon, Pastor Matt explores the blessings found in the kingdom of God, the tragic state of those belonging to the kingdom of this world, and how our loving God has made a way for rebels to be reconciled to himself.