Luke and the Mission of God (Luke 24:44-47)

The Gospel of Luke invites everyone to place their faith in Jesus Christ, the King who defeated death with his love. Over and over again, Luke shows us that the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, entrance into God’s kingdom, is an offer made to the entire world. But Luke doesn’t stop there. His gospel isn’t only focused on what Jesus came to do – to seek and save the lost in fulfillment of God’s eternal plan of redemption (Luke 19:10) – but also explains what we have been called to do as members of this heavenly kingdom. In this sermon, Pastor Matt explains how we have been called not only to repent and place our faith in Christ, but to embark on God’s mission in the world: proclaiming the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light (1 Pet. 2:9).