Raging Against the King (Luke 23:1-12)

In Psalm 2:6, God declares that he has set his King on Mt. Zion despite the raging of the nations, and the Scriptures are clear that this anointed King is his only-begotten Son, Jesus. Therefore, whether our response to him is one of indifference like Pilate, contempt like Herod, or hatred like the Jews, we will either accept Jesus for who he said he was or we will completely reject him. We will either serve him as Lord or persist in our rebellion against him; there is no neutrality when it comes to the Lord Jesus Christ. In this sermon, Pastor Matt urges all to repent and believe in the risen-exalted King, find refuge in him (Ps. 2:12), and live as those who have been redeemed and belong to the kingdom of heaven.