The Lord Is Greatly To Be Praised (Ps. 145:8-21)

Our knowledge of God is inextricably linked with our worship of God. However, if we fail to understand the relationship between our theology and doxology, the results can be disastrous. On the one hand, if our knowledge of God (theology) doesn’t inspire whole-hearted praise and devotion to our God (doxology), the result is a cold, dead, and religious orthodoxy. But if our doxology isn’t properly informed by a robust, biblical theology, the result will be idolatry – “they did not honor him as God” (Rom. 1:21)!  Psalm 145 provides us with a wonderful illustration of the relationship between our knowledge and worship of God. In this sermon, Pastor Dave explores some of the glorious attributes of our glorious God and encourages believers to “speak the praise of the Lordand let all flesh bless his holy name forever and ever” (Ps. 145:21).