His Own Did Not Receive Him (Romans 9:1-5)

After unpacking the righteousness of God revealed in the gospel (chs. 1-4) and the blessings of salvation provided by the gospel (chs. 5-8) Paul begins to explain the plan of God vindicated in the gospel in chapters 9-11. Here he aims to show how God’s plan for Israel and the nations reveals his saving righteousness, his covenant faithfulness, his perfect wisdom, and his sovereign mercy—all to the praise of his glory.

Yet sadly, this section of Romans is abused, neglected, and misunderstood. Some view it as an unimportant interruption between Romans 8 and 12. Others cherry-pick verses out of context to proof-text their favorite doctrines. Some Christians love it for the wrong reasons; others avoid it for equally wrong reasons. As a result, the main point of Romans 9-11 is often missed. Yet, these chapters are absolutely essential for Paul’s three main purposes in writing to the church at Rome. They are vital for our right understanding of God’s gospel, for unifying our church around God’s gospel, and for motivating us to urgently preach God’s gospel to all nations for Christ’s sake.

In this sermon, pastor Matt reminds us that belonging to the true people of God is only possible through faith in Christ Jesus. For in Christ, God’s ancient promises to Israel have been fulfilled. And in him alone is the promised blessing of salvation found.