Our Relationship to the Day: Heavenly Conduct (Romans 13:11-14)

Since Romans 12, Paul has been giving the church general instructions for a whole new way of life “in view of God’s mercies.” Now in Romans 13:11-14, he brings this section to close. But instead of telling the church to look at the present in light of the past (what God has done in Christ), he now tells them to consider the present in light of their future (what God will surely do in Christ). Paul is connecting eschatology to ethics, to our Christian conduct in this present age.

In this sermon, pastor Mitch reminds us that Christians must live every day in light of the coming Day of the Lord. When we understand what God has done and will do in Christ, we find all the motivation, the power, and the joy to live properly in the present. When we understand the time in which we live, we will know what to do with our time.