The Good News of God’s Son (Romans 1:1-4)

Romans the Gospel of God ECC Sermon series

In the book of Romans, Paul is seeking to unify the church at Rome around his gospel and to enlist their support for his future mission to Spain. To do this, he has to introduce himself and his gospel, which he calls “the gospel of God.” He does all of this in the introduction of his letter. What Paul proclaims in verses 1-7 is a brief summary of the rest of the letter. Here, Paul announces the key ideas and themes that he’ll return to over the course of the next 15 chapters. Here, Paul brings us the good news. This good news is not first and foremost about us and what it does for us, but about God and what he has done for his glory.

In this sermon, pastor Matt shows us that God’s good news for the world is that his Son has been enthroned as the risen King. And because God has fulfilled his promises in the person and work of his Son, Jesus Christ, all who confess him as Lord will be saved.