The Lord of the Strong and Weak, part 2 (Romans 14:5-12)

As we began to look at Romans 14 we saw that there were certain opinions dividing the church at Rome along ethnic lines. Both Jewish and Gentile believers were quarrelling over disputable matters, such as food and observing special days. The strong-in-faith were tempted to look down on the weak for their apparent “legalism;” and the weak-in-faith were tempted to condemn the strong for their apparent “license.” But both of these responses are unacceptable in the household of faith because God has welcomed us all.

This week, pastor Matt reminds us again that that Christians are to love and accept all those whom God has accepted at the Lord’s table. For in the end, it is our Lord Jesus to whom we all belong in life and in death, and he is the one to whom we all must give account.