United in Christ to Humbly Glorify God (Romans 15:1-7)

Having addressed matters of personal conviction in Romans chapter 14, the Apostle Paul turns his focus from correcting the contentious believers to exhorting them to pursue humility and unity. Paul reminds them of the example of Christ, the sufficiency of Scripture, the nature of God, and the welcome that every believer has into the family of God because of the atoning, self-denying, peacemaking, and edifying work of Christ.

In this sermon, Pastor Joel draws out the emphasis on humility and unity in Romans 15:1-7. Being united to Christ, Christians find the example, the desire, and the power to humbly serve others rather than themselves. Beholding the glorious unity and blessedness of Scripture and of the triune godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), Christians are compelled to pursue the same kind of unity in the local church. For the Christian, identity does not come from personal expression or conviction, but from our union to and in Christ: individually and corporately.