Sing, O Barren One (1 Samuel 2:1-10)

In chapter 1, God answered Hannah’s prayers for a son—a son whom she vowed to give back to Yahweh all the days of his life. Now, in chapter 2, we hear another one of her prayers, and it’s a psalm of thanksgiving. As we saw last time, Hannah’s story is meant to be a picture of what God was about to do for Israel. She saw, in God’s answer to her prayer, the care of God for his people. So, this is about more than one woman’s personal prayer request. It’s about the new thing God was about to do in Israel to set a king “after his own heart” on the throne—a son who would bring his blessing to an upside-down nation. And this is why Hannah prays here as she does.

In this sermon, pastor Matt reminds us that, like Hannah, we can rejoice in the God who is at work to turn the world right-side up. Because of who God is and what he is doing to restore all things through his Christ, we should be a people always abounding in joyful praise.