Light and Life to All He Brings (John 1:1-18)

Over 400 years after the prophet Malachi spoke of the “sun of righteousness” that would rise with healing in its wings (Mal. 4:2), a Son was born! This is the good news of great joy that we proclaim: To us a Son was given; to us a Savior was born, who is Christ, the Lord. Jesus is the shining Son of God, the Light of the world. In this sermon, Pastor Matt shows that Jesus shines the light of God’s truth and grace into our darkness to give us life. Yet it is only by believing in his name that his light can be our light. It’s only by receiving him as the gift of God’s grace that his life can be our life. It’s only when we look to Jesus—the shining light of God’s truth, God’s grace, and God’s life—that we can be delivered from our darkness.