The Church and Gospel Witness (Matthew 5:3-16)

In this sermon series, we’ve looked at how we strive to fulfill the Great Commission here at ECC. This series so far has been about who we are—how we’re governed and how we live as a local church. We started with how the gospel produces a gospel order; it creates local churches. We explained that we are a church ruled by Christ, governed by its members, and led by its elders. We then saw how this serves to promote a gospel culture. A gospel culture exists when a church lives as though Jesus truly is the King of the world. It’s cultivated as we are centered on the word of the risen Lord Jesus, transformed by his love, and dependent upon his power.

In this sermon, pastor Matt shows how a church’s gospel order and gospel culture results in a faithful, powerful, gospel witness. When the world beholds the reality of the good news we proclaim—a reality demonstrated in both word and in deed—then our church will truly be the light of the world.