Esther and Providence

While it is true that the name of God is absent from the book of Esther, his fingerprints are unmistakably and beautifully apparent throughout the entirety of this story. Here we find one of the most remarkable displays in all of Scripture of Providence: God’s wise, loving, and righteous care and governance of all things for the accomplishment of his purposes; it is “the hand of God in the glove of history.” From the selection of Esther as queen to the ironic demise of Haman, God’s sovereign plan for the redemption of his chosen people unfolds, pointing us to an even greater deliverance still to come. In this sermon, Pastor Leandre walks us through the story of Esther, not to inspire us to be more like her or Mordecai, but so that we might clearly see the gospel of grace in which Christ Jesus perished (yet rose again) on behalf of his people to save them from the wrath of God.