How to Study the Bible (part 3): Recommended Resources

In this third and final part of our Bible study crash course, we recommend resources for a more fruitful time studying Scripture

This is third and final post in a crash course on how to study the Bible. Here are links to part 1 and part 2

Here is a list of resources to help get you started in studying the Bible. Of course, these resources aren’t infallible, and the Scriptures can be understood without them. But we live in an era of unparalleled riches when it comes to Bible study resources. We have access to centuries of thought and meditation on God’s word from our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have been given the same Spirit that we have. In fact, would be wise for us to include a step of “consultation” as we seek to interpret and apply the Scriptures.

Bible Reference Works

Study Bibles and Commentaries

Bible Dictionaries

FREE Online Resources


Here are some books to help you read the Bible better and make sense of the imagery and details found there.

How to Read the Bible

Biblical Theology: Reading the Bible as One Story

Quotations of and Allusions to Scripture