The Message of Salvation, part 1 (Acts 13:13-25)

Acts Sermon Series at Elmira Christian Center

When Paul and Barnabas first came to Antioch in Pisidia, they entered the synagogue and were invited to share a word of encouragement with those in attendance. It’s here that Luke provides a summary of a typical sermon preached by the apostle Paul to Jews and God-fearers. He begins with an overview of Israel’s history, then focuses on the work of Christ, and concludes with the blessings of believing the gospel. But why does he begin with a history lesson? In this sermon, Pastor Matt teaches that the message of salvation is that in Jesus, God has proven himself faithful to his promises to rescue humanity. Our God is a promise-making and promise-keeping God, and by bringing to Israel a Savior, he gave the world the Savior we need.