The Message of Salvation, part 3 (Acts 13:38-41)

Acts Sermon Series at Elmira Christian Center

Our world longs to hear a word of encouragement. We want someone to come along with a message that affirms who we are, and the last thing we want to hear is a message that offends us. No one wants to be told that their beliefs are flawed, their ambitions are misguided, or that they are part of the problem. But when Paul was invited to give a word of encouragement in the synagogue at Pisidian Antioch, he shared something even better; he proclaimed the message of salvation. And while the message of this salvation is indeed good news for the whole world, it demands the right response. In this sermon, Pastor Matt preaches that gospel is a promise of justification and life for all who trust Jesus as Savior, who believe the gospel and accept God’s gift of salvation.