United by Saving Grace, part 1 (Acts 15:1-12)

Acts Sermon Series at Elmira Christian Center

The greatest problem we face, and the most important question anyone can ask, is this: “How can we be saved?” This is the problem that every religion attempts to solve, yet it’s a question many refuse to ask because we don’t want to accept all that it implies. The early church wrestled with this issue as more and more non-Jews came to faith in Jesus, Israel’s Messiah. How could Gentiles come to belong to the people of God? How could they be forgiven, cleansed, made right with God, and so be saved? Was it by law or by grace? In this sermon, Pastor Matt proclaims that there is no other gospel apart from salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. And it is this grace that unites us together as the one people of God.