The Song of Zechariah, part 2 (Luke 1:76-79)

As Zechariah’s Benedictus begins, he blesses God for who he is and what he has done. Instead of focusing on the miraculous birth of his own son, which pointed to the Messiah’s advent, he rejoices instead that the Lord has visited and redeemed his people. Now, in the second half of this song, Zechariah mentions his son, John, and affirms what the angel had told him about John’s calling and ministry. But even then, his gaze remains fixed on the merciful Most High and his promised salvation.

In this sermon, pastor Matt encourages us to rejoice with Zechariah because th light of God’s glorious grace has dawned upon us with the coming of King Jesus. We are to bless our merciful God for in Christ alone is found the forgiveness of sin, the light of life, and the way of peace.