Fulfilling the Law Through Love (Gal. 5:13-15)

In Paul’s discussion of the believer’s freedom as found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, he warns the Galatians of two possible and dangerous errors: losing gospel freedom (Gal. 5:1-6) and abusing gospel freedom (5:13-15). While the Christian can foolishly turn back to legalism, to law-reliance as a means of acceptance before God, he can also approach the other extreme and fall into liberalism and licentious living, using his freedom as a “springboard” for the sinful nature. Yet, paradoxically, gospel freedom is found not in living however we please but in slavery to God! In this sermon, Pastor Matt expounds Paul’s instruction to the Galatians to use their freedom to serve one another in love and thus fulfill the law, concluding with three crucial implications from the text for our daily lives as followers of Christ.