Bringing Sin Into the Light (Isaiah 59:1-13)

Since we started the final section of Isaiah (56-66) we have seen Israel’s failure and inability to produce the righteousness which God requires. After highlighting Israel’s irresponsible and corrupt leaders; their idolatry, and their hypocrisy. we now have a summary of Israel’s sinful condition seen in their social injustice. The fact that God confronts Israel with their sin, however, is not to paralyze them with fear, but to warn them and wake them up, to help them come to their senses, turn from their sins, and seek his face. In this sermon, pastor Mitch reminds us that life under God’s saving rule must be characterized by confession of sin. For it is only when we humbly acknowledge our total helplessness and confess our sins that we can find forgiveness, transformation, and abundant life in Jesus Christ.