Listen While You Wait (Isaiah 51:1-8)

In chapter 51, God gives a word of comfort to the faithful remnant then and the true Israel today. The servant once more calls his people, his church, to listen. It is the Lord Jesus who is speaking here to sustain the weary (50:4). It is his voice which the righteous obey (50:10). And along with these repeated calls to listen up and pay attention to what God in Christ is saying to us, we are also given the reasons, the incentives, for why should keep on listening. For it is only by listening that we will find the courage we need to follow our risen King.

In this sermon, pastor Matt reminds us that those who trust in the Lord listen attentively to his word while we wait eagerly for his salvation. King Jesus is calling the righteous today to remember all of God’s promises, to live in light of his kingdom, and to take heart in the world.