Redeemed by Justice (Isaiah 1:21-31)

Isaiah - sermon series at Elmira Christian Center

One of the central issues addressed by Isaiah and the rest of the prophets is that of justice—faithfully living according to the standard of what is right in our relationships with others. It’s only as we do justice, as we live righteously, that we will flourish as a society under God’s loving rule. But when we forsake the Lord, when we are unfaithful to our Creator God in order to pursue our idols, sin and injustice abound. This presents us with a serious problem: What hope is there for our broken world? How can unrighteous people escape the righteous judgment of God? In this sermon, Pastor Matt shows that the justice of God is revealed in both the destruction and redemption of sinners—a redemption promised to all those who repent and believe in Christ Jesus.