Confronted with Christ’s Authority (Luke 19:45-20:8)

After the triumphal entry, our Lord’s  first order of business was not with the Roman occupation but with the Jews and their temple. Rather than fulfilling its role as a “house of prayer for all nations” (Isa. 56:6-7), the temple had become a “den of robbers” (Jer. 7:9-11)—a sanctuary for the wicked and hypocritical, the outwardly-religious but inwardly-corrupted. It had become a sign of God’s blessing and presence, regardless of whether Israel was faithfully keeping the covenant. And so, when confronted with Christ’s authority, the religious leaders were outraged. In this sermon, Pastor Matt shows that there’s no middle ground when it comes to responding to Christ’s authority: we will either gladly submit or utterly reject him as Lord and Savior.