The Religious and the Regenerated (Luke 17:11-19)

The puritan preacher, John Flavel, once remarked: “Every man loves the mercies of God, but a saint loves the God of mercies.” In times of trial, suffering, and need, anyone will gladly receive blessings from God; it doesn’t take the new birth to appreciate his mercies. In fact, anyone can perform religious duties and portray a morally superior exterior without truly loving God (for example, see Isaiah 1:10-20). But only one who has received the Lord Jesus Christ, who has believed in his name, who has seen his salvation, and beheld his glory truly knows and loves God. In this sermon, Pastor Dave teaches on the healing of the ten lepers and shows us the divinity of Christ, the cleansing and reconciling power of God, and the gratitude of a true disciple of Jesus.