His Mercy Endures Forever (Ps. 118:1-18)

In this final psalm in the collection of psalms sung during the celebration of the Passover (Pss 113-118), God is thanked because of his perfect goodness and his unending mercies toward his covenant people. Though the church may be surrounded by enemies on all sides, though Satan himself seeks to accuse, to oppress, and to devour, and though we might fall prey to temptation and despair, we trust that our holy God is continually by our side, mighty to save. He doesn’t merely give us strength, he is our strength; he has become our salvation (Ps. 118:14). In this sermon, Ryan Andryshak reminds us of the faithfulness and omnipotence of God, the salvation we have in Christ Jesus, and his promised victory in which we stand in unshakable confidence and trust.