From Ichabod to Ebenzer (1 Samuel 7:2-17)

In chapter 4, at the battle of Aphek and Ebenezer, Israel was twice defeated (by Yahweh) before the Philistines. As a result, the ark of the covenant was captured; the Glory departed from Israel. This is why the priest Eli’s daughter-in-law named her son Ichabod, “no glory.” And while Yahweh had gone into exile on behalf of his people to triumph over their enemies and had even returned to his place in the land, the situation hadn’t changed. The problem wasn’t with Israel’s wicked leaders or oppressive enemies; it was with their covenant God.vThey had despised him. They had turned away from him. And they needed to be brought back.

In this sermon, pastor Matt shows us that those who repent of their sin and rely on God will receive his merciful help. As we turn away from our idols and put our trust in the Lord, we will come to experience the blessing of his salvation and become the covenant people we are meant to be.