Gospel Fruitfulness (Titus 3:12-15)

The Bible uses the imagery of fruit and fruitfulness often, and God’s word is clear that the fruit we bear in this life either leads to death or to eternal life. Yet, in one sense, to bear fruit leading to death is ultimately to be unfruitful. In other words, there is only one kind of fruitfulness that matters, and that is gospel fruitfulness. Paul has been explaining to Titus and the church on Crete that sound doctrine leads to wholehearted devotion; devotion is the fruit of doctrine. Goods works are the fruit of the new creation. But what exactly does gospel fruitfulness look like in a person’s life? In this sermon, Pastor Matt explores the concept of fruitfulness, showing that as we continue to abide in Christ—like branches on the true Vine—we will bear much gospel fruit.