Resources on the Book of Revelation

Helpful resources from some of our favorite biblical scholars and theologians for studying the capstone of Scripture: the book of Revelation

On February 7th, Lord willing, we will be resuming our Line by Line Sunday class, picking up where we left off in the capstone of Scripture, The Revelation given to John. In a previous post, I gave an introduction to the book of Revelation, which included several helpful resources. However, since it’s been a while, I wanted to provide additional resources to help us as we prepare to dive back in to our study. The following videos feature some of my favorite biblical scholars and theologians discussing various features of John’s Revelation.

A Must-Watch Video Series

Peter Leithart has an excellent YouTube channel with a playlist of videos on Revelation. Peter Leithart is the president of the Theopolis Institute and a brilliant pastor-scholar who has played a pivotal role in my own love for and understanding of Scripture, particularly the book of Revelation. His two-volume commentary on Revelation, though expensive, is worth every penny, and one of the best books on Scripture I have ever read.

On Reading Revelation and the Mark of the Beast

In these two videos, Dr. Alastair Roberts discusses the different approaches to interpreting Revelation as well as what the Mark of the Beast is all about. I cannot recommend Alastair’s work highly enough and would encourage you to check out his website and podcast.

For another helpful discussion of this fascinating, and almost always misunderstood subject, check out this interview with Tom Schreiner on the Mark of the Beast

A Discussion of Revelation and the Millenium

The following video is an interview with two excellent evangelical scholars, G.K. Beale and Thomas Schreiner, on the thorny topic of the millenium (Rev. 20:1-6) and the differences between the historic premillenial and amillenial positions. What is particuarly encouraging is how Tom Schreiner discusses his own wrestling with the text, how he has changed his position quite a few times, and how he still is open to further improvement in his understanding of Scripture. His humility and irenic disposition is refreshing and well-worth imitating.

More Articles and Resources

As if all those resources weren’t enough to keep you busy diving into God’s word, here are three more: