Looking to the Lord (Isaiah 17-18)

Isaiah - sermon series at Elmira Christian Center

God’s people were constantly tempted to either fear the surrounding nations, or to trust them for security and prosperity. Ultimately, they were tempted to forget the Lord. For this reason, God gave messages through his prophets to reveal the judgment in store for these godless nations. In this section of Isaiah (chaps. 13-27), he takes Judah around the four points of the compass to show them that no matter where they look, they will only see nations whose glory is fleeting and whose future is sealed. And though the times have changed, the situation is very much the same for God’s people today. In this sermon, Mitch Bedzyk shows that looking up to the Lord leads to a sure foundation and a bright future. We must take our eyes off ourselves and our idols and fix them on the Lord Jesus Christ.