The Day of Salvation (Ps. 118:19-29)

While the psalmist has praised the Lord for his protection, strength, and victories won for his people in the first half of the psalm, he now calls for the gates of the temple to be opened that he may worship the Lord  in his presence (Ps. 118:19). But even while God may have been the defense and champion of his people on the battlefield from surrounding nations, what hope does such a sinful people have of entering into his very presence? Who is righteous enough among them to enter into the gates of righteousness? The answer is found in the gospel: the King himself entered the gates of righteousness wholly on his merits  on our behalf! In this sermon, Pastor Kyle encourages the church to rejoice in the day of salvation that the Lord has made, to place our trust in Christ Jesus the cornerstone, and to worship the Lord in gladness.